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An epitome of luxury and class, a zenith of modern-day living, a pinnacle of style and personification, a high-end society to reside in. Lahore Smart City is one of its kind, modern housing society, that is being called by the community smart for a reason. The society is said to be loaded with high-tech IT enabled features that make it stand out from rest of the market.

This elite real estate project is being brought forward by a gigantic consortium between two real estate giants, Future Development Housing Limited (FDHL) and Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. (HRL). The developers are known for developing high-rise sky-scrappers and other housing societies of such kind.

After the successful launch of Capital Smart City, Islamabad, and such appreciation that was posed by the community, both these giants have joined their hands together to launch a similar project for the individuals residing in the traditional yet contemporary architecture of Lahore. So, the society is anticipated to be loaded with all the high-tech amenities that were offered to the residents of CSCI in the past.

Owner & Developers

Lahore Smart City is owned and being developed as a joint venture between two well-known and popular real estate tycoons FDHL and HRL. Both of these firms are known already for delivering their magnificent work like Bahria Town and DHA in the past.

FDHL has also worked on various real estate projects and the list of the sites where they have remained involved in the development work is still going on. While, we know HRL as they had worked on and as government contractor firm, and we have seen their hoardings on various sites publically. Their expertise is not limited to only such housing societies and residential complexes, rather they have mastered this art and their broad portfolio is filled with bridges, tunnels, metro and orange line train tracks, highways, and what not?

These firms are known for almost every kind of development and construction work. Since the project is a brain child of these firms, within no time it has managed to get into the limelight, and is loved widely by the resident and investor community alike.

In addition to this, the developer, owing to the hegemony of the project, has also ventured with other top-of-the-line firms to leave no such chore, and deliver nothing less than the best. Keeping this in view, they have also hired Surbana Jurong, which is an experienced design consultation firm, as the master planner of the town. This firm has a staff of more than 4500 employees at 120 offices in major cities and hubs. They have been in the field of design consultancy for more than 45 years, and have gained much credibility during these years.

Smart Features of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is one of its kind real estate projects that stand out in the market for various valid reasons. The exotic living standards amalgamated with the perfection of architecture and designing make the project get its due position in the market.

The society comes as a wholesome package for both residents and investors as it has the plethora of amenities to offer. The residents will get the benefits of the following for making a booking in this society,

  • 24/7 security surveillance cameras, administered by the most dedicated staff
  • Smart transportation that enables the residents to move around
  • Ample and advanced waste management system
  • Proficient supply of SUI gas, water and electricity
  • Sensor sensitive street lights that prevents excessive use or wastage of resources
  • High speed fiber optics broadband connectivity
  • And, the list goes on and on and on

Moreover, following features are also given to the residents for added pleasure of living.

  • Gated community
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Cinema halls, and community centers
  • Load Shedding free living
  • Hotels, Motels & Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls & Complexes

Master Plan of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is neither a huge society, not it is a tiny one. Its size is just ample as compared to other societies being developed currently, which go out of hands of the developers after few months, and becomes quite difficult for them to accommodate every customer and meet the deadlines. Lahore smart city is spread at an area of 20,000 Kanals.

The society is willing to keep it compliant with all the national and international standards making the construction chores not exceed the allowed limit by the LDA. Moreover, Surbana Jurong has laid special attention to leave no stone unturned to provide the best master plan of the housing society.

Facilities & Amenities

The residents of Lahore Smart City is going to experience a modern way of living. One of the main reason is the provision of ultimate facilities and amenities in Lahore Smart City. Moreover, by utilizing the bleeding-edge technology, it ensures the provision of all smart facility in this 2nd smart city of Pakistan.

Furthermore, following are the main features of Lahore Smart City that makes it matchless.

  • Gate Entries
  • Cinemas
  • Hospitals
  • Mosques
  • Financial Square
  • Holiday Park
  • Educational institutes
  • Warehouses
  • 18-hole golf course
  • 5-Star Hotels and Restaurants
  • Bus & Public Transport (BRT) Stations
  • Shopping Mall and Complex
  • Theme Parks and Bird Park
  • Load Shedding free environment
  • CCTV with Facial and Object Recognition Cameras
  • Water and Sewerage Treatment Plant


Lahore is a bigger city as compared with Rawalpindi and Islamabad, in terms of both area and population. Also, the per capita availability of resources and population density are much lower than other metropolis. Only issue that Lahore is facing in terms of population is that the population is not well distributed among all sides of the city. For instance, people are residing in bulk in the walled city, while the other side along river Ravi is so unpopulated.

The developer has also taken a step, or initiative may be, to counter this problem of resource division and population planting within the city.

Lahore smart city is located very close to kala shah kaku interchange of M-2 and also located very near to Lahore-Sialkot motorway (M-11). The location is selected on the criteria of approach from all sides of the city. Also, Lahore Smart City enjoys close proximity with the Ring Road, and it also offers a convenient approach to the traffic approaching from inside of Lahore.

Legal Status

We know that this is the prime concern of every investor to know about the legal status, particularly NOC of the society. Lahore Smart City complies with all the standards of LDA and has obtained its No Objection Certificate from LDA. This means that the owners and developers can readily start selling and developing the society for the greater public benefits.

Development Status

Since, it is in pre-booking phase and no evident work has started on site, it is quite difficult for us to picture the perfect on-site development. However, it is intended that the developers will start development work on site including road infrastructure, telephone lines and others within short interval of time.

Why Lahore Smart City is Smart City?

Since Lahore Smart City is one of its kind real estate projects in the town, and also this is the first and only smart city in Lahore that is derived by the technology, and is loaded with all the modern amenities. This is anticipated that it will prove as one of the most lucrative and ruminative investment in the town.

Also, its accessible location and easy approach from inside and outside the city make it stand out in the market, and investors love this project already. This will surely cause a price hike in few days, and currently it is the best real estate investment in Lahore.

Price Plan

The prices at Lahore smart city are kept very low intending to include people from every sector of the society. This enables them to get the plots of their choice in nominal price range. Given below is the table of pricing plan at LSC, but keep one thing in mind that prices are for non-category plots only, and also are subject to change.


Plot SizeBooking 10%Confirmation 10%Installments x 12 QuarterlyTotal Price
5 Marla1800001800001028001800000
10 Marla3300003300001885003300000
1 Kanal5400005400003085005400000


Plot SizeBooking 10%Confirmation 10%Installments x 12 QuarterlyTotal Price
5 Marla1900001900001085001900000
10 Marla3400003400001945003400000
1 Kanal5500005500003145005500000

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